Post-Covid Cleaning

Post-Covid Cleaning

Central Cleaning Services Ltd offers bio fogging, sanitising, decontamination and regular daily deep cleaning of all commercial premises for return to work after COVID-19 lockdown.

Full health and safety site specific risk assessments  completed, tailored to the client cleaning requirements to provide a clean hygienic environment. 
We use a viricide cleaning product with the bio fogging machines. We can also provide spray decontamination cleaning as part of this service. 

Service Overview

All services are provided with the highest quality of delivery and full health and safety compliance. 

Products used are non hazardous in line with our company philosophy of keeping the environment, staff and customers safe in a chemical free environment.

Bio fogging viricide clean decontamination and sanitisation.
Spray viricide clean for decontamination and sanitisation.
Regular site specific cleaning of targeted areas of high footfall or surfaces , touch points.
Covid 19 touch point daily cleaning and schedules provided
Deep cleaning for Covid 19
Cleaning audit carried out

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